Breakfast is meant to be as warm and friendly as our end of day aperitif dinners.

We serve our guests from 8:00 am until 10:00 am, depending on the weather, indoor or outdoor, facing the sunrise on the other side of the bay. You will have the opportunity to share this pleasant moment in the company of our other guests, as a couple, or alone, in complete tranquility, to fully enjoy this exceptional panorama.
Breakfast is included in the room reservation.

This is what awaits you :

- Tea, coffee, milk

- Natural fruit juices

- Sliced Fresh fruit or compotes

- Homemade or Breton yogurt

- Homemade cake

- Traditional & special fresh bread  

- Brioche

- Pastries

- Homemade or local artisanal jam

- And of course salted butter !

This menu is not frozen and may vary according to the inspiration of the day.